Hello, World. Nice to meet you.

My name is Kate, and I find myself here after a series of teeny, tiny baby steps.


I’ve been creative as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I also began to grow what would eventually become Lakardia. I started out by making custom ordered friendship bracelets. People loved them, bought them, and they were pretty with all the shiny metal hardware and charms I’d tack on. Knotting bracelets was an enjoyable craft during my pregnancy. However, it was hilariously profitless. I actually spent more money than I made. I doubt if I ever try to sell anything hand crafted again.

After about a year, when having a baby became somewhat less demanding, I picked up the embroidery thread again, this time, sewing free form designs into little denim jackets for my tiny son and our toddler friends. The jackets were darling. I added patches, fabric, paint, buttons. Then, when I had made everyone I could think of a jacket, I thought it was time to actually sew something! Calico Cupboard was offering a beginner’s course in hand piecing. An image above is of the quilt I made from start to finish for my son. A giant feat, as I wasn’t even sure how to load a bobbin into the machine I had been given years prior. I guess you could say I caught the bug, because I haven’t stopped quilting since. It is about five months later and I’m off in full stride. Maybe even getting ahead of myself.

To date, I have been sharing my projects on social media, and a blog seemed the next appropriate step in my path. Working my way toward a website, too, but for now http://www.lakardia.com will take you to Facebook and I hope you’ll check in on me from time to time.

early Lakardia.jpg

Cleveland Browns themed set, 2013

Nature Jacket

Hand stitched vine detail to premade Monkey patch, 2016





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