Disappearing Nine Patch with Sashing

aka – My Second Quilt

The first quilt I made was such a great experience. As a result of how fun it was to make, my mom and I agreed back in early spring to each embark on our own Halloween quilt. I mean, six months should be enough time, right?

We each found a fabric line and bought a combination of yards, half yards, and charm packs. I chose the Haunted Gala fabric by Eric & Julie Comstock for Moda Fabrics. I also included some Eerie Foggy Night Halloween Reaper, also a Moda fabric.

Mom and I had yet to decide on a pattern, but when my pal Nicole, aka Lillyella, shared with me her wonderful tutorial, we knew that was the way to go. It’s a disappearing nine patch, however her tutorial explains how to add in sashing. Sashing!? What’s sashing? It is evenly cut strips of (in this case, solid) fabric that calms the whole thing down, and, bonus: it also enlarges the piece. Sold!

It’s almost July and I am not even halfway done. So, whether or not six months was enough time…that is a bit of a mystery!

Check out Nicole’s tutorial here.


first block in my quilt, April 2016

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