Downton Abbey and a long December.

Things have changed a lot since my last post. My beloved grandmother, we called her Goggi, died a few days shy of Thanksgiving. She got to see her log cabin quilt, though. She liked it. I watched her hand touching over the quilting. My plan was to take a photo of her with it; That never happened. The family let me keep it after she passed away, and I think I will always look at it and be like, “I’m sooo glad she actually got to see it finished.”

In her final days and the weeks thereafter, I was on a creative slum. I mean, I didn’t want to make anything. Not even dinner. Christmas was fast approaching and everything I saw reminded me of childhood, eventually taking my thoughts to Goggi. I can’t even recall what I made for Thanksgiving. Sandwiches? Pfft. At least we ate. Right?

Anyways, at this time, a coworker shared with me that World Market was selling Downton Abbey food items. My Mom is a big fan of that show (I am, too), and let’s face it, her Mom had just died, so, I wanted to cheer her up, big time. I bought the items at World Market: Seville Orange Marmelade, Butler’s Pantry Blend tea. Fun cocktail napkins that quote Lady Mary saying, “Drinks before dinner? Wait ’till Carson catches you.” My dear friend Nicole shared with me some of her Andover Fabrics prints from their Downton Abbey Christmas collection, and the most beautiful sturdy fabric basket came to be. Mom loved it!

Downton Abbey basket 2016.jpg

I modified the Lillyella sturdy fabric basket pattern, shortening the sides to let those coordinating goodies be seen. The kraft paper stuffing was really nice. It didn’t make a lot of dust, which, with other filler options, was a concern of mine. I think themed baskets are a total win. Find some themed items, find coordinating fabric, and BOOM = perfect gift.

This project was not easy for me. Emotionally, I was all over the place. In the end though, my desire to cheer up my Mom overcame the funk of all things crafty reminding me of Goggi, and ultimately, it got me back in my game.

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