A Quilting Bee For The Whole Family

Imagine coming upon the realization that you have a family of quilters. That happened to me at this summer’s family reunion. My Mother, three Aunts, my cousin Jess, some other cousins wanting to get into the art, plus me. All quilting in our own homes. Isn’t that wonderful?

I talked to Jess that night. We agreed that it would be worth every bit of effort to organize a Family Quilt Bee.

I sent an invitation to all of our family members ~ easy, the email addresses were already in the reunion emails ~ and gave two weeks for responses. I proposed that we make 12″ blocks, trade them amongst the participants, and in the end, each would have what it takes to piece a family made sampler.

There was a super positive reply to the idea. We are eight participants strong, and spread out across three different states between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

To organize details, I turned to Survey Monkey, a free online data collector, and asked my family the following questions:

How many finished 12″ blocks would you like to make?

Do you want the Bee to last six or twelve months?

Which of the following categories do you want the themes to fall in: red white & blue; brightly saturated colors on white background; black and white with one pop of color, or; one designer collection of fabric?

Do you need help picking out a block pattern?

Most of the data has been collected this week. I’ll be sharing the results amongst the family anytime now.

Perhaps the best thing that will come of this – We all have a reason to stay in touch throughout the year. Something positive and cheerful.

Do you have a family of quilters? Find out, and, if you do, I encourage you to organize something similar, so you too, can end up with your own heirloom pieces.

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