Thiel Quilting Bee – Fabrics

It’s here! It’s here! The family quilt bee fabric is here and It. Is. GORGEOUS!


Chroma – A Handcrafted Collection, by Alison Glass, for Andover Fabrics, Inc.

The survey results returned with two categories in a tie for most votes: bright colors on a white background, and, one collection that we all work from. I was able to achieve both with Chroma.

My cousin and I divided up a fat quarter bundle amongst our Bee of eight. We took our time to curate really attractive groupings, with each person receiving 3 to 4 colors. We’ll be combining these fabrics with a background of Kona white solid.


Mom’s fabric grouping and notes (in case she needs to buy more)

The next step is to pick out a block to sew. I’m thinking of something that would balance a lot of white with the colors, so I’m sure to have enough Chroma for all eight blocks. I also want the balance to ensure that the pretty colors POP! Jacob’s Ladder, Ohio Star, Variable Star – all ideas rolling in my head.

What block would you suggest!?


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