Catnip fabric quilt

Catnip full view

I picked up a few charm packs of Catnip at my local quilt shop and thought, “hmm. I would like to do something with these.” That was it. No plans.

It’s fun for me to buy some fabric and just see where things go. This time, it was sewing the precut pieces in a rhythm of light, dark, light, dark. Some of the collection isn’t really light or dark, so it involved a lot of squinting and taking pictures with my phone to get it right.

A few rows in, I started see a pattern emerge in a look of board games, races, and playing cards, a look I knew could be solidified by the borders. The borders wrap around in three rows. The inner row is 2″ wide, has half square triangles on the upper right and lower left corners, only, in complimentary neutral solids and Kona Snow fabrics. Having those triangles in opposite corners is, in my opinion, what really sets this out as looking like a game card. The other two border rows, also 2″ wide each, and the binding (and backing!) are all Catnip yardage. I think it would be easy to recreate this quilt and it’s very beginner friendly. If you have questions, post them in the comments below.

Here is a picture of the completed quilt top

Catnip quilt top only

This was quilted by Hiroko Meyers on her long-arm machine. You can find Hiroko here. Below are a few close ups of her incredible work. Each charm square has been individually quilted, the inner border has its’ own design, and a linear pattern runs across the two outer borders.

Catnip close up 2Catnip cluse up 1

The quilt measures 51″ by 72″ and will be kept on the couch as I get cozy this winter!

Thanks for taking a look.

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