Halloween Gnome Mini

It’s October! I want to share a seasonal sewing project with you.

First, as long as you’re at your computer, click here and download this free Mr. Gnome foundation paper piecing pattern from Unicorn Harts. You can save the digital file to your computer and print as many copies as you need. I like to print on Carol Doak’s foundation paper.

Then, grab your fabrics and plan out Mr. Gnome’s features, outfit, and background. After several layout options, I think the mini looks best when the Mister is made with darker fabrics, as well as a dark binding, with a light background. Wish I had sequin fabric to play with…. Anyways. Have fun, follow the pattern, and take your time. When your top is complete, remove the papers, and sandwich it with batting and a backing fabric. This is a small enough piece that spray basting works perfect. Quilt the layers. Consider quilting in lines that serve to blend in some of the piecing seams. Trim down the raw edges and bind.

Here’s the two that I’ve made this season. I think Mr. Gnome becomes a Mr. Wizard or even a Mr. Warlock quite easily!


Mix solids with prints, and lights with darks, for the biggest impact!


On a solid hat, you can quilt in details.

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