Campfire Quilt for kids – with no batting!

My favorite online fabric shop continuously lists items in their clearance section, and I browse it often. Not long ago, I came across two great sales: this kids’ flannel panel and a coordinating plaid (fabric specifics, below):

My son has so many quilts. So, I thought of how I could use these in a new-to-me way, and a no batting quilt came to mind. Something very LIGHT that can block just enough of an evening chill during summer adventures.


You can make one, too! Here’s what I did:

I ordered two panels of the Campsite Critters and two yards of the Stitched Plaid.

When they arrived in the mail, I opened them up, and pressed out any wrinkles. The top fabric is such a soft flannel. It was sold to me as a continuous cut so I did not need to piece the two panels. (Hooray!) I backed it with the cotton yardage, trimmed away excess fabric (which I reserved for binding) and pin basted. That took maybe 15 minutes and then I was ready to sew! For the quilting, I sewed with 50 wt. threads in straight lines. I recommend you sew with your normal stitch, because without batting, there’s no bulk requiring a longer stitch length. I sewed vertically and then horizontally in grey thread in random places across the whole piece. Moved and/or removed my pins. Then I put in navy blue thread and added more vertical and horizontal stitches. Again, random, but now sometimes close to the grey ones. Removed all pins and then repeated again in a yellow. With the straight lines and multi color threads, the quilting has a sort of plaid look. I knew when to stop only because I got to a point where it just looked, “quilted enough.” I trimmed it’s edges straight with the rotary blade.

There was more than enough Stitched Plaid fabric left for the binding. I watched a single fold tutorial because, again, no bulk here. I recommend that you machine sew the binding so that this piece can be laundered often.

All in all, my out of pocket on this was $35 USD. Nice! The fabrics are still available as of the date of this posting, but, of course, eventually the below links to them will expire as they sell out. If that’s the case when you’re reading this, you can copy and paste the text into your web browser to find the items from other online retailers.

Campsite Critters Flannel 24″ Panel in Rain by manufacturer Robert Kaufman in their collection, Campsite Critters.

Stitched Plaid in Sea Glass by designer Amy Gibson in her collection, Meriwether.

If you have any questions, post below, or reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook!

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