Nursery Room Wall Panel

I saw this book panel for sale and the graphics really appealed to me. Anything that reminds me of my childhood makes me weak in the wallet. I am grateful that a lot of things I had as a kid were hand me downs, so, my tastes actually include a generation before me. Check it out.

Book Panel.jpg

Vintage inspired, yet timeless, right? As cute as it is, turning the panel into a book worried me, because I knew we’d hardly get to look at it. I stared at it in my studio for months, before it hit me – I just liked looking at it. Why not make it so this adorableness can be admired all the time? Thus gave way to the idea to create a wall hanging for a nursery and child’s bedroom, and also, since my kid is getting kind of big, to put it up for sale.

I trimmed the sections, and pieced them back together, omitting the blue book “binding” area. This netted ten rectangles. I decided on a pattern of two by five, in alphabetical order, of course.

To maximize potential, to give babies and adults something to really look at, I chose to challenge my creativity by adding in additional fabrics. What I ended up with is sashing set in a rainbow of coordinating colors. My “vintage rainbow.”  Some of the sashing is done in Art Gallery Fabric denim solids, and the others are from Connecting Threads quilters candy. Here’s the top sheet.


I lined the piece with batting and made the backside a from a length of {golden yellow and white} chevron pattern. Quilting was all done on my Singer with a walking foot. I really took my time with the quilting. This was an element that I knew families will enjoy looking at, a part of the piece that would set the stage for these ABCs. I won’t lie, I had advice from an experienced friend, and she was right on with her suggestions.

Hand bound in Art Gallery denim, Wicked Sky, the finished piece measures 15″ across and 55″ down. I am very happy with this one. If no one buys it from me, I will be secretly thrilled!


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